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法国艺术家Olivier Ratsi专注于人们基于现实的空间感知,他试验了一系列基于空间与时间的感知触发体验装置,为人们开启一个全新的视野体验感知领域。Echolyse项目是通过传统投影技术,让简单的几何元素实现并定义新空间,利用几何光效制造出“幻觉”场所。



Olivier Ratsi

Olivier Ratsi is a French visual artist whose work is mainly based upon representations of space's perception and the experience of 

He has developed creative concepts based on the deconstruction of space and time that act mainly as an emotion trigger, which does 
not aim at showing what things could be, but more at questioning their references.
Its aim is to generate a break from the meaning of the original items, to propose a new viewing point and provide the public with a new 
field of experience, a different way of looking at space and time.

In 2008, Ratsi has cofounded the visual label Antivj. His work has been published at New York Times Style Magazine and exhibited at 
Elektra, BIAN, Montreal; Mapping Festival, Geneva; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Electronika Festival, Brazil; 



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