主题活动策划与执行 —— 典礼、晚宴、发布会、路演等
创意设计与制作 —— 平面、3D、视频等
市场营销与推广 —— 品牌策略、市场开拓和维护
媒介传播及广告投放 —— 新闻宣传、媒体联络
人物邀请及合作 —— 明星名流、政府官员等
礼宾服务及演艺表演 —— 拥有丰富的礼仪、表演资源
礼品赠品贸易 —— 国内外优秀产品代理设计、定制服务














 As an expert of brand promotion, Shanghai Wonderful Public Relations Company has always been sparing no effort on various kinds of event planning, execution and supervision.
Our clients include industry giants, Fortune 500 companies and many other high-reputation brands both home and abroad. 
Our service scopes include: Gala Dinners & Parties, Press conferences, New Product Introduction Presentations, Ceremonies & Celebrations, Road shows, Circuit Exhibitions, Entertainment Performances, News Propaganda, Media Contacts、Advertising and Marketing, Celebrity Invitation and Cooperation.

If more information needed please feel free to contact us via 021-32558273、32558283、 32558293 .

Service Range
Event Plan & Execution: Ceremonies & Celebration, Gala Dinner & Parties, Press conferences,New Product Introduction,Road shows.
Creative Design & Production: Graphic design, 3D Design, Video Production etc.
Marketing management: Brand Strategy, Market Expansion and Maintenance.
Media Communication and Ads-placement: Propaganda, Media Contacts.
Celebrity Invitation & Cooperation: Celebrities and elites,
Government officers.
Ceremonial Services & Entertainment Performances: Ample resources for ceremonies and
Gift Trade: High quality of design for domestic and overseas gifts、custom-made service.




Currently,Our services are involved in following industrial fields:
Government Departments, Medium & High-end Brand of Jewelry, Apparel, IT, Real Estate, Finance, Education, Telecommunication etc.


Our clients include:
Domestic and overseas Well-Known Brand, TOP 500 enterprises worldwide, TOP 500 Chinese enterprises, Industry Giants etc.


Our services have been chosen by the clients from following countries and areas:
U.S.A, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao Taiwan, First-tier Cities of mainland China such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.





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